Rocket NFT holders participate in monthly $DIGI token airdrops.

You can calculate your $DIGI token payouts here.

Choose your or your desired Rocket NFT from the classes and calculate your payout.
All community members who already own Rocket NFTs can view more information and
the automatic airdrop calculation in My Area by connecting to their MetaMask wallet to gain access.

* Important: Users with mobile devices must use the browser via the MetaMask app to connect to their wallet on the website.

Class 1

    Class 2

      Class 3


        This is the monthly airdrop you would receive if you own the selected Rocket NFT.
        * Important: to get the possible bonuses, you should keep the NFTs together in your Soonaverse Space
        Further questions can be answered in our Discord server.

        You can find a list of all existing WORD IDs in our Docs. Under "FREQUENSY OF WORDs"
        you can find out how often the word occurs in a class. You will also find a ranking list of the NFTs.

        Under "POSSIBLE COMBIs", the individual Rocket NFTs are listed with the respective Word ID
        and the possible combinations are listed. You can find more information on this in the Tokenomics Paper.