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Begins ...

The idea was born to create games that makes the crypto community happy. It’s fun and you can play to earn. You just can’t have enough of coins. We want to create something great. DigiRocket is just at the beginning of the journey and you can be a part of it.

The game is in development phase and for now only playable as a basic framework and first only on Android available. Try it …


Was Created ...

The first game DigiRocket was inspired by the Tangle technology. Your mission is to climb to the first place in the coinmarketcap and topple Bitcoin from its throne. Use NFTs to gain advanced skills and look stylish. The skills will help you overcome obstacles and collect all the coins in levels. With a rocket, the user can move through the Tangle world.

Unit coins can be collected in the game. For these collected coins you earn real iota coins depend of IOTA price.

Earn IOTA_now


Tangle Universe ...

There are currently three Tangle Universes, which differ in structure and design. In Wallet you can display the IOTA coins which you have collected and transfer them to your private wallet. In Shop you can also exchange your collected coins for in-game items. There is one free spin in game to pick up every day. The keys are deposited in levels by chance and move from level to level. In each universe there is one key to be found. Once you have all three keys, you can open the portal to the bonus level. A triple surprise awaits you there.


the Tangle Portal has been opened


Counter for earn and sent IOTA

In the game DigiRocket, the user can earn IOTA coins by playing and get payout to the private wallet. Here are the main counters that have already been achieved.

Number of earned micro IOTA
Number of payout to players
Number of transaction in Tangle
Number of players in game

Join our space and become a PART OF US, earn coins by playing


$digi TOKEN  is the central tool for implementing DigiMine's vision of "play to earn" games on the Tangle

Our goal is to establish $digi Tokens as a payment unit and use them for skills, items, rentals, etc. in the DigiMine games. The token was minted on the SHIMMER network and is largely issued to the community through holding NFTs and staking.

Number of Total Supply
for Community (%)
for Project (%)
for Members (%)
you can buy and sell $digi
you can stake and get more $digi
you can watch how move $digi
you can read to understand $digi



is a non-replaceable, digitally protected reference to URL, written as „Uniform Resource Locator“. This is stored with the associated hash value in a blockchain or tangle. It can be used wherever virtual assets require proof of rights

Rocket are minted as NFT on SHIMMER. SHIMMER network is a part of IOTA ecosystem. IOTA is a open source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things. The Rocket-NFTs can be used in the game DIGIROCKET which is currently in development. Depending on the class, skills will be unlocked and you will participate in monthly airdrops by holding the NFTs. Learn more in the TOKENOMIC PAPER. Rocket-NFTs can be purchased on  SOONAVERSE. Buyers get full commercial rights to their Rocket-NFT. It is up to you whether you want to keep them, give them away, resell them or just use them in the game. The good thing about digital assets is, that they don’t wear out. You can use them in the game and sell them on for a profit after a while.

Number of Rocket-NFT
Number of NFT available
Number of NFT mint
Number of NFT holder


are exclusive

it exist one rocket of each design and there are currently only 60 available. Using the NFT in the game unlocks the gold level (level:1) and you get unit poins (unit: 5) for $digi airdrop. Special there, you collect double number of coins in the game.


are rare

are x5 rockets per design and currently only 200 pieces available. These rockets are suitable for players with an interest in new technology. Using the NFT in the game unlocks the silver level (level:2) and you get unit poins (unit: 3) for $digi airdrop.


are stylish

are x10 rockets per design and currently only 400 pieces created. These rockets are suitable for players who like to spend time in the game. Using the NFT in the game unlocks the bronze level (level:3) and you get unit poins (unit: 1) for $digi airdrop.


Through our work you have the opportunity to playfully come into contact with the TANGLE. Our game allow you to use, collect and pay out digital assets. We work of own free and are grateful for use of our product.

We believe in power of partnerships to revolutionize the nft gaming industry. Collaborate with us to unlock new possibilities and create a lasting impact on the gaming community. We don’t want classical structures, we want decentralization.

If you feel addressed, then get in touch with us.


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IOTA is a cryptocurrency that sees itself as a secure communication and payment medium for the Internet of Things (IOT). Instead of a classic blockchain, the system uses the so-called tangle, which offers some advantages in terms of scalability and speed.

SHIMMER is the official validation network, helping to properly test and harden any new feature and the leaderless Fast Probabilistic Consensus mechanism. Shimmer is a rapid innovation playground with short development cycles, allowing developers to build applications and use features that are not yet available on the IOTA mainnet, before moving their applications onto the main IOTA network.

The TANGLE is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). Unlike the blockchain, which links all blocks in a chain, in the Tangle a set of transactions are linked via a directed edge.Watch here the distributional.

The SOONAVERSE is a platform for communities to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), NFTs, projects, companies, and markets, on the feeless infrastructure of the Shimmer network.

Staking is a process where network participants can earn rewards by locking their coins in cryptowallets and making them available to validate network transactions or as a source of liquidity for others.

Decentralized networks are designed to eliminate the need for participants to trust each other. The network is designed to prevent participants from exercising authority or control over each other, which would impair the functionality of the network.

$DIGI Token is the central tool for implementing DigiMine’s vision of „play to earn“ games on the Tangle. It is a cryptocurrency, a payment unit and was minet on the Shimmer network.

369,000,000 tokens were created and divided into different categories. For more information, see our TOKENOMIC-PAPER.

YES, you can already buy and sell the $DIGI Token on SOONAVERSE. More exchange will follow where you can then trade the token.

For this you have to hold our NFT or take the chance to catch a Giweaway that we regularly. Our NFT holders participate in monthly distributions and get the token paid out to their wallet. You can calculate the payout in our CALCULATOR.

YES, on SOONAVERSE you can lock our token for staking in your wallet and get more tokens distributed.

Owning of $DIGI Token brings following benefits:
Invest in the DigiMine project, Buy In-Game items, Skills expansion in the games, Rent NFTs in the game, Purchase exclusive NFTs, Staking rewards and much more come.

NFT – „non-fungible token“. An NFT is basically data that is recorded in a digital ledger and represents something specific and unique. For example, an NFT can represent a unique piece of art or a game item.

There were 340 Rocket-NTFs created for the PreSale from 80 different designs, divided into three classes. We migrated only the purchased 251 Rockets NFTs to Shimmer after the PreSale. Thus, the 89NFTs from class 3 were burned. Only 571 Rocket-NFTs exist at this time.

They differ in number and capabilities. Missile NFT Class 3: There are 10 missiles per design. When they are used in the game, bronze level is activated for skills. Rocket NFT Class 2: There are 5 rockets per design. When used in the game, silver level is activated for skills. Rocket NFT Class 1: There is only 1 rocket per design. When used in the game, gold level is activated for skills and you collect twice as many coins.

It is already possible to use Rocket-NFT in the game. For this you need to connect your MetaMask address in the game.

You can buy our Rocket-NFT on SOONAVERSE.

The best way is to join us in DISCORD server, where you can contact us directly and find also more information about our project.

DigiRocket is the first play to earn game based on Iota. You can collect Iota coins in the game and transfer them to your private wallet. You can use NFTs in-game to unlock advanced abilities.

Yes you can already play and earn IOTA coins. the game is currently in beta and has already been released for Android. Click here to go to GOOGLE PLAY

Unlimited, so long you play. Unit-Coins can be collected in the game. For these collected coins you receive real iota coins depend from IOTA Price. Watch here the distributional.

Yes, the collected IOTA coins can be paid out to your private wallet. Payouts from 77.761 i are possible. Please note that dust protection currently only allows payments of at least 1 Mi.

Yes, you can currently hide the ads with a payment via PayPal. 30 days ad-free costs 1,49EUR, for 90 days ad-free you pay 3,99EUR. In the future the payment will be replaced by DigiToken.

YES, we are already working on the next version where the levels get more space to get a varied game experience.


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